About Insurance Solutions Newsletter

Insurance Solutions Newsletter was first published in 1996 at the request of dental teams in the Pacific Northwest who were finding it difficult to manage the increasing complexities of dental insurance.

Local dentists were concerned that dental claims were being denied due to the use of obsolete codes and increasingly rigorous payment criteria. As one of the nation's leading speakers on dental coding, Vicki Anderson was approached by a dental study club and asked to create a newsletter that would keep them informed of the changes impacting how dental claims are paid.

Word of the newsletter spread quickly to dental practices in neighboring states, and it soon became clear that dental practices all across the country were struggling with the same issues. Now thirteen years later, over ten thousand dental practices rely on Insurance Solutions Newsletter to help them understand how to use current dental codes, develop effective narratives, monitor the industry's migration towards risk-based dental benefits, and understand providers' rights and responsibilities with regards to insurance refund requests, delayed claims, Medicare, coordination
of benefits, etc.